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About Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah, a professional coach and visual facilitator working at the intersection of personal and organizational transformation. Whether you are ready to make a change in your life, or are navigating changes brought on by external forces, I believe that change is a skill that can be learned with practice, and that it can be done artfully.

My path to this work was long and indirect. While exploring careers in fine art, geology, documentary filmmaking, and strategic communications, I found myself transformed more than once through working with a powerful coach. This inspired me to create a new career in leadership development. Along the way, I learned how to tell visual stories, train science communicators, and draw on the walls. Above all, I learned how to change. I have advised and developed leaders at NASA for more than fifteen years, and have worked with clients in non-profit, creative, and entrepreneurial domains. Check out my LinkedIn page if you’d like to learn more.

I have valued personal development for as long as I can remember, from mountaineering survival in my teens, to learning to ride a bike at age 28, to the deep inner work of my 30’s, I have never stopped learning and being curious. I strive to bring my whole self to every moment, and invite you to do the same.

I practice yoga, meditation, and shinrin yoku (a.k.a. forest bathing or forest therapy). I also enjoy singing, live music, and studying the native trees of Rock Creek Park. I live in Washington D.C. with my partner and our Hurricane Florence rescue pup, Mark.


• Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation
• Certified Integral Coach • Certified Diversity Dialogue Facilitator
• Member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners
• Volunteer coach with the Enneagram Prison Project

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What Coaching Can Do For You

Working with me produces in-depth inquiry, fresh perspectives, and personalized exercises that embed new ways of seeing and being in the world. As a result, my clients gain greater depth, range, and capacity to inhabit their lives more fully and sustain lasting change.

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Online coaching session

Philosophy & Approach

Many people ask if I am a life coach or a career coach. My answer is yes. In order to make lasting change, we must include all dimensions of experience. I frequently support individuals who are seeking more congruence between their career and the “rest of their life.” My style of integral coaching invites you to let go of those false divisions and bring all of your self to every moment. Together we will look at all domains of experience and build your competence to live a full and integrated life at work, at home, and in your community.

I blend methods and tools including visual facilitation, somatic literacy, and emotional intelligence to help you access and inhabit your whole self. We can work together for minutes, weeks, or even a year, depending on your individual goals. I work virtually with clients around the globe or welcome the opportunity to meet in person if you live in or visit the Washington D.C. area.


I have seen coaching transform lives, including my own. My words can only go so far, so I invite you to take a look and read what people say it’s like to work with me.

I have found Sarah to be a very capable and empathetic coach who can use a wide variety of techniques to understand a client and meet them where they are to grow as leaders and people. Part of Sarah’s coaching style is to share a bit about herself to help a client to open up and share about their experiences, feelings, and goals. It is a great way to develop a camaraderie and positive learning atmosphere without any feeling of being “judged.” Sarah also uses thought exercises and guided meditations to focus on somatic responses and relaxing, which were very helpful for as an office worker who spends much of his day at a computer or bouncing from meeting to meeting.

- William
  Houston, Texas

Sarah listened to my comprehensive story. She wrapped together my passions, challenges, and goals in both my career and personal life and used that information to tailor exercises focused on reflection and positive progress that worked for my unique situation. I felt I was plateauing in my career and had limited energy (physically and emotionally) to figure out how to continue both the daily grind and future climb due to my pregnancy with my first child. Through conversations and exercises, Sarah helped me figure out how I draw happiness from my work, came up with ideas on how to incorporate those themes into my daily grind, and ignited my self-confidence to allow me to take ownership of my future. Due to Sarah’s continued encouragement, I can state with full confidence that I am happy and developing in my career in a way I could not have imagined over a year ago.

– Bethany
Cleveland, Ohio

Working with Sarah has supported me finding clarity about the things I care about, enjoy and want to pursue in my life. Sarah is a great listener with an amazing capacity of reflecting back with great questions and perspective.

– Susana
Oakland, California


Wondering if this is a good fit for you? Me too. Let’s find out together.